On Some of South Africa's Most Famous Beaches

Sun, sand, and sea-if these are your idea of a perfect holiday, then you can never go wrong with choosing the beach as your next vacation destination.

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But the question is, where should you go? No need to fret because with this list of South Africa's famous beaches, you will surely be convinced to pick this beautiful country as your next holiday destination:

  • South Beach
  • Durban is famous for its Golden Mile, a stretch of pristine coastline that is both ideal for surfing and swimming. Here, you have a myriad of water activities to choose from. Plus, you can enjoy a day of shopping on the area's beachfront.

  • Port Elizabeth
  • Located in the Eastern Cape, this area features stunning coastlines perfect for swimming and other water activities. You can also visit the Oceanarium where you can see dolphins at play, or head to snake park for a wildlife encounter.

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