Travelling Overseas on a Shoestring Budget? No Problem!

Your officemate has booked tickets to watch the World Cup 2014. Your mum and dad plans to go on a weekend date in Helsinki, Finland. Your brother wishes to brush up his surfing skills on the coasts of Hawaii. Even your neighbour has bragged about his upcoming cruise in the Caribbean.

How about you? What country will you tick off your travel bucket list this year?

Now, if it has been a childhood dream of yours to meet Africa's Big Five (the lion, elephant, leopard, cape buffalo, and the rhino – nope, the cheetah isn't included) or you've been aching to taste some of the finest wines in the planet, we suggest that you make South Africa your next stop.

Before you get excited with the thought of soaking up the sun and spending an exotic holiday on South African soil, you need to prepare whatever is necessary to make your trip memorable and stress-free. Of course, booking local flights in South Africa and packing your travel luggage should top your list of what to do.

While you're busy rolling your clothes and giving tour operators a call, it might be important to note that your travel preparation doesn't end with booking flights, tours, and accommodation. When you want to make the most of your journey overseas without breaking the bank, you might want to keep these travel hacks in mind.

Determine Whether Flying or Driving Around Makes Sense or Not

When you want to absorb the best views that South Africa has to offer, it might be to your liking to drive your way around the country. Nevertheless, if you want your road trip to be more personal and leisurely, think about using the secondhand cars in Newcastle you've just fully paid instead of just renting one in some local operator. It might require you to fulfil additional paperwork but having the freedom to conquer South Africa's motorways at your own pace is one experience that is simply worth all that hassle.

Nevertheless, if the places in your itinerary are quite far from each other, it might be more practical to book local flights instead. While that may sound like an option reserved only for the rich jetsetters, the truth is that you can actually save a lot off your travel budget by going for cheap local flights like the ones you can book here in our website. Plus, you produce less carbon emissions this way – something that should delight the closet environmentalists out there.

Take Advantage of Anything Free or Travel Rewards

Whether you're travelling on a shoestring budget or not, it surely will relieve your pocket whenever you get to take advantage of freebies or earn additional travel points during your trip to the said African nation. This means that you shouldn't shy away from visiting free parks or attending free concerts when you go around South Africa. And if you have a good friend who's currently based in the country who offers his place to you for the duration of your trip, you should certainly give this proposition a nod when you want to further save a huge chunk off your travel budget.

Meanwhile, you should also think of ways to add up to your accumulated frequent flyer miles or travel points. If your credit card provider gives you an opportunity to join reward programmes that lets you earn points off everyday purchases, then by all means, use your plastic during your international trip. And if you're currently part of a frequent flyer rewards programme, you should make sure to book flights only with the said airline company. Your trip may feel more satisfying this way.

Take a mental note of these tips and you can pretty much brag to family and friends how much fun you've had overseas despite you running on limited funds – all thanks to your open-mindedness to try new experiences and audacity to take secondhand cars in Newcastle along with you.

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