Deciding Upon the Perfect Gown and Honeymoon Destination

Of the many things that need to be arranged and decided upon, your wedding dress and honeymoon destination are two of the most important but also two of the most difficult to decide upon; after all, with the impressive array of plus size bridal gowns to select from and honeymoon destinations to jet off to, what could possibly make anyone believe for a second that making a decision was going to be easy?

Handy Tips for Deciding Upon Wedding Gowns and Honeymoon Destinations

You’ll really have your work cut out for you when making sense of the latest plus size bridal gowns trends in 2014 and you’ll both have your work cut out for you when trying to decide upon which of the seemingly countless holiday destinations serviced by low cost carriers would be perfect for your honeymoon.

Here are a few tips to help you both on your quest.

  1. Establish a budget before getting started

This handy tip lends itself to both wedding gowns and honeymoon destinations, though you should naturally do this before you download a plus size bridal gowns guide and visit a budget flight website because what you’ll see will likely influence how much you allocate and that’s not budgeting, that’s a recipe for blowing your budget before you even get started!

  1. Have a good idea of what you want before hitting bridal shops

Once you’ve set a budget and downloaded a gown guide, spend some time formulating an idea of what you want in a wedding gown before hitting bridal shops. This should be a lot of fun when your family and friends are involved, so get your bridesmaids and mum together and have fun researching the latest wedding gown trends.

  1. Think of the atmosphere and vibe you want on your honeymoon

What kind of atmosphere and vibe do you and your fiancé want on your honeymoon? Do you want somewhere really private, somewhere bustling, somewhere cultured and refined or somewhere that screams excitement?

  1. Get started early but not too early

Any plus size bridal gowns expert worth his/her salt will advise starting the gown selection process about 6-8 months before the wedding and that should also be the case with your honeymoon flights and accommodation; however, don’t get started too early otherwise you could miss out on some great deals on affordable flights and we all know how fashions seemingly change overnight.

  1. Don’t overlook budget providers and mass retailers

Some of the best deals are to be found with budget providers and mass retailers so you could save a lot of money that could be spent on other things.

  1. Ask family and friends for advice

Family and friends are often a seemingly limitless source of information about all things, including the latest plus size bridal gowns and the most enviable honeymoon destinations at the right price.

Follow these tips to enjoy more time for the other preparations you need to involve yourself in — catering, location, photographer, singer …

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